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Ing-Hwei Implements Mfg. Corp. has been manufacturing specialized hand tools since1974. Single-sided wrenches have been replaced by double-sided wrenches as the company's leading products due to the convenience of the latter. The tools from Ing-Hwei passed the German DIN certification process and are quite able to contend with those of prominent rivals.

Half of the company's business goes to Europe, and the remaining half to Japan, the US, and Southeast Asia. Although most products are based on OEM requirements, the company's president, Andy Chen, stressed that consistent product line allows Ing-Hwei to strive for the highest quality and precision so as to fulfilling customer demands with the perfect tools.

Facing stiff competition from China, sales volume in Taiwan might decline and it is something predictable. However, Chen fears nothing as long as the company holds its prominently reputable position in the market. Ing-Hwei has emphasized the manufacturer of higher quality products through exdenting R&D expertise and building new production facilities. These facilities contain only the most advanced automation and manufacturing technology. Provided that other Taiwanese companies adopt this trend, Chen believes Taiwan's export quantum will only continue to grow.

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